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Some of you may or may not know Allan Cotterill as the singer and songwriter for the band Snow White's Poison Bite. Before Allan announced his departure from Snow White's Poison Bite and record label Victory Records his songs have stacked up way over 20 million listeners on various sites around the internet. With over a decade of experience working in the music industry he has toured around the world, signed recording deals, sold out shows and gathered a huge fan base to support the music he makes. Now he is ready to share his masterpieces through the brand new project titled TH13TEENTH. 

TH13TEENTH consists of different sections including Allan's new clothing company with over 500 products that are all shipped worldwide. A music store for all of the TH13TEENTH music, a Podcasts section to cover all of the latest news and also a video section for upcoming music videos, short films, and other visual content. The digital download section of the website will have more new content added to it shortly. The TH13TEENTH band has been announced on new year’s eve 2019.

"I feel extremely blessed that I have the opportunity to work with the guys in the band as they are all extremely talented individuals. I believe we are going to achieve so much together and we’re all ready to work hard to take the TH13TEENTH band to the next level."

You can read more about the TH13TEENTH band here: Band story

"It wasn't an easy decision to leave Snow White's Poison Bite behind. It was time for a change and now I'm ready to start revealing the best music I have ever written in my life.

I enjoy the idea behind TH13TEENTH and having all of the different sections will definitely help grow the brand/company into something more unique. I mean it could have just been a "band thing" but it's not and I didn't want it to only rely on the whole band deal anyway. I just want a way to release my art, build my clothing company and what ever else I have planned for the TH13TEENTH brand. You know what I mean? There's so many ideas that I want to expand TH13TEENTH to in the future.

Other than offering our customers clothing, music, videos and a band there's more services that I plan to release on the website also such as mixing and mastering services via TH13TEENTH Audio that will be available in 2019. There's also going to be a video production and graphic design company added shortly. It's going to be an interesting adventure for sure and I'm already working on the other sections for TH13TEENTH with some of my partners.

People are going to be surprised about what TH13TEENTH will have to offer.

- Allan Cotterill